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K*S has many features to offer for your site.  Whether it be Flash, Java, DHTML, multiple images, or just plain text, K*S has you covered.

Even though KnoxSites covers a wide variety of Web sites, we must specify which sites we do not design.  KnoxSites, under any circumstance, will not design any adult-related Web sites.  This includes:  pornography, adult sex, masturbation-related sites, or any other type of inappropriate Web site.

KnoxSites, however will permit the design of corporate Web sites, personal Web sites, e-commerce sites, multimedia, and any other type of site design other than those listed above.

Design Information

There are some companies out there that design expensive Web sites using free templates.  These templates are distributed free to anyone who wishes to have them, and are often seen, giving the impression that your site was "copied."  KnoxSites works to bring you with the most sophisticated, yet fast site with little errors and no "copied" site format.  We understand that sites can be expensive; therefore we will work our hardest until you are satisfied with your new site.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask us or go to our discussion board.

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Thank you for your interest in KnoxSites.  To get your custom-designed Web site with exceptional quality designs, please click here and fill out the order form.

What We Design



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