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K*S has many features to offer for your site.  Whether it be Flash, multiple images, or just plain text, K*S has you covered.

KnoxSites makes getting a quality design cheap and easy!We have designed many Web sites.  We have four levels (level I, level II, level III, level IV) of Web sites that will most likely fit to your needs.  Each level has a custom set of features that would most likely be suitable for your type of site.  Our whole idea is to bring you with the most custom and suitable Web site for your organization, or just for you!

We understand that Web sites can be confusing, frustrating, and down-right expensive.  Our team of experts will ensure a high-quality Web site design with minimized frustration.  Our four levels of Web sites will also reduce the cost of your Web site because you will only be getting the features that you need.  Guaranteed!

Place your trust in KnoxSites:  contact us for more information.We know that you place a lot of trust in us, in that we will deliver the best-quality Web site for your money.  Our goal is to satisfy you, the customer so that you will be happy with the site we design for you.  Other Web designers are interested in the money, not your feelings, and this is what sets KnoxSites away from the other "Web designers."  Give us a try, and contact us.  We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

See the gears moving at the left?  Your site will be integrated with the most sophisticated Web developing software, that would otherwise cost you up to $500 just purchasing the software.  We will integrate various scripts with our knowledge to bring you with the best site.  In addition, KnoxSites has archived over 5,000 images for use on your Web site, so you can be sure you will receive quality and exotic images that aren't found anywhere else.  Guanranteed!

Our team of experts focuses on small business and personal Web sites, so you can be sure we will design you an excellent site.  If you're interested and want to talk to us more, please contact us.  We have a money-back policy for the first twenty days.  If you are not satisfied with the progress of your site, we will refund every penny you previously spent.

Our main mission is... to design a fully-functional Web site for any type of organization* with sharp graphics, text, versatility, color, and interactivity.  We also guarantee 100% aesthetic satisfaction.  No matter what, we promise to design a quality Web site with a timely fashion.  We can not stress enough our devotion to your satisfaction and will do anything it takes to convey a proper, functional, graphic-orientated, and colorful design, as mentioned earlier.  In addition, our mission is to serve you fairly and competitively with a definite edge over the competition.  That is our guarantee!

*=Web sites that are not listed in our "types of sites not-designed" category.

Please read about what types we design here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and ask us or go to our discussion board.


Sample Images

Here are a few symbols that KnoxSites has designed to show you our image creation capabilities.  Along with designing images, we have over 5,000 professionally-made images in our archive.
Sample Images:
Blue arrow with drop shadow.  (Click to enlarge) Green "Boom" symbol with drop shadow.  (Click to enlarge) Green arrow with drop shadow.  (Click to enlarge)


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