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Welcome to KnoxSites' professional Web site developing site.  This page serves a purpose to convey some terminology that we may use periodically in this site.


DHTML:  this stands for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language.  DHTML is used for things such as: internet games, text features, even polls.  It is an ornate version of HTML.

Java Script:  Java script is used for many different features, such as internet games, polls, many text enhancements, image effects, and much more.

Flash:  Flash is a product of Macromedia.  Macromedia developed Flash to enhance Web sites, and is even featured in this Web site.  See the gears to the left?  That is a product of Macromedia's Flash program.  Flash is a clean smooth-moving movie that is easily played across many different browsers.  To get the Flash plug-in to view the movie on this site, and many others, click here.  If you can see the gears moving, then you have the plug-in already installed.

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